Future-oriented and market-driven

Energy solutions for the industry

Energy is the key to the future. In order to actively help shape the future, we are guided by our idea: We create future-oriented and market-driven energy solutions for industry. In doing so, we contribute to the preservation of the environment, cost savings and a successful future for our customers and ourselves.

Gas flare

(Add more flare) Don't hesitate - we upgrade your torch with a fully automatic control system.


Exhaust gas catalysers that meet exhaust emission standards.

Exhaust gas heat exchanger

The condensing exhaust gas heat exchanger utilises the condensation heat in the exhaust gas as an additional means of heat recovery.

Water purification

Water cycle protection for biogas plants and CHP units.


BioBG offers you a range of services covering all aspects of pumps.

Pipeline construction

BioBG has many years of experience in the entire field of plant and pipeline construction.

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