Biogas cooling and gas drying

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Because biogas, sewage gas and landfill gas are saturated with water vapour, considerable amounts of condensate would be produced when untreated gas is cooled, which could lead to corrosion within the engines. Furthermore, the build-up of water pockets should be avoided, especially in micro gas networks. This is why the gas must be dried using our gas cooling systems. This optimises the combustion process and increases operational safety.

RBT - Gas cooling

The compact solution for gas drying. Various installation options, customised to the conditions on the system.

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DRBT - Gas cooling

The most efficient gas drying system. Particularly suitable for large systems and micro gas networks. Save up to 34% on energy costs!

Our DRBT cools the gas or biogas down to temperatures below the dew point and the resulting condensate is discharged via pipework. The cold, dehumidified gas is then channelled in counterflow to the warm biogas from the fermenter and thus reheated. Additionally, there is an alternative ammonia scrubber that can be integrated into the system. This scrubbing binds the ammonia present in the gas, which is harmful to engines, and thus completely removes it.

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RBVK - Gas cooling

The energy-saving module. Designed to be used when expanding systems. Existing gas cooling systems are enhanced and made more efficient.

Your biogas plant grows by increasing its output or by adding more CHP units, but the cooling system remains the same. The gas cooling system becomes less effective, especially for micro gas networks. The efficiency suffers and the susceptibility to failures increases.

With its tube bundle pre-cooler, BioBG GmbH offers a special energy-saving biogas cooling module that can be easily integrated into existing cooling systems. The RBVK combines pre-cooling and reheating of the biogas in one module, without the additional use of electrical energy. This means that your existing biogas cooling system works more effectively and you can increase the output of your system by up to 30%.

Instead of a costly investment in a new cooling system, expanding your cooling system with our RBVK allows you to increase the cooling capacity without additional energy consumption.

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