From pump technology to pipework construction

Customised products and services

BioBG also provides individual products and services for the agricultural sector. From pump technology and pipeline construction to renovation work, we are always at the disposal of the agricultural sector.

Plant refurbishment

As a TÜV-certified specialised company in accordance with the WHG, BioBG takes care of all refurbishment and maintenance work for you.

Water purification

Water cycle protection for biogas plants and CHP units.

Drying technology

BioBG realises maximum energy efficiency with AL-KO drying technology.

Pipeline construction

BioBG has many years of experience in the entire field of plant and pipeline construction.


BioBG offers you a range of services covering all aspects of pumps.


Whether pre-pit, fermenter, post-digester or GPL: efficient agitators form the centre of every process stage within the biogas plant.

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